Treatment of dental diseases is divided into 6 main groups

1. Терапевтична стоматология

Обхваща методите за лечение на зъбния кариес и неговите усложнения

2. Prosthetics

Covers methods for recovery of lost or damaged teeth due to complications of caries and periodontal diseases

3. Periodontics

Covers methods for treating periodontal disease (gum disease)

4. Surgery

Covers methods for extraction of teeth, as well as operations in the oral cavity

5. Детска стоматология

Обхваща методите за стоматологично лечение на деца

6. Cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics

Covers methods to improve the appearance of the teeth.

Treatment of dental diseases can be difficult and lengthy. To be successful it is important that a dentist is highly qualified and committed from one side and that a patient understands the problem and is compliant on the other side. The best treatment results are achieved in patients who strictly follow the recommendations of a dentist and trust him/her. A dentist faces a challenge to select and implement the most appropriate treatment plan for patients in both functional and cosmetic point of view and even in financial terms.

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