Teeth whitening existed in the past. Different substances (baking soda, lemon, salt, etc.), which both cleaned and damaged the enamel, rather than whitened it, were used. Currently, there is a wide range of modern methods for teeth whitening (from ordinary toothpaste with whitening effect to professional whitening appliances) that are well refined in quality and quantity of bleaching agent in their composition. Implemented properly, they provide excellent long-term effect of whitening.

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic (aesthetic) procedure that removes discolourations and make teeth shiny and white.

It is a chemical process based on the interaction between peroxide ions (contained in the bleaching agent) and discolourations that have penetrated into the dental tissue. Teeth whitening can be done at the dental practice or at home by special splints made by teeth impressions taken from the dentist. Before starting teeth whitening, it is mandatory to assess the condition of the teeth and gums, the food habits (daily use of coffee or red wine) and to maintain strict oral hygiene. Based on this assessment, the appropriate whitening method for the patient is selected.

All teeth in the mouth must be perfectly cleaned of tartar and dental plaque, and the patient should not suffer from gingivitis. If these conditions are not met the effects of whitening will be minimal. The final result of teeth whitening is affected by many factors – the degree of staining of teeth, individual features of the colour of the enamel, concentration of the bleaching product, time of application of whitening substances, use of light in order to accelerate the process, etc. The degree of teeth whitening is determined by a colour scale, and depending on the type of scale used, the result may be from 2 to 5 degrees.
Teeth whitening can be two main types – internal and external.

Internal bleaching
This is a method for teeth whitening where the nerve has been removed.

External bleaching
External bleaching affects the tooth surface not its core, as opposed to.

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