Broken or missing tooth – consequences and treatment

This is a condition that leads not only to aesthetic but also to functional disorders in the oral cavity.

In most cases, the patient is disturbed by the aesthetic appearance, but there may also be symptoms such as pain and discomfort. In the case of a broken or lacking front tooth, the patient’s self-confidence can be affected. He/she stops smiling, strives to speak less, and does not show the true beauty of his/her smile. Broken or missing teeth apart from the aesthetic appearance of the smile disturb the cSchupen-lipsvasht-zybhewing. If no action is taken in the absence of a tooth, the adjacent teeth tilt towards the empty space over time and trigger the Phenomenon of Godon.

When the phenomenon of Godon has developed, the restoration of the aesthetics and function is severely hindered by the lack of space for restoring the missing tooth.

For fractured teeth, fractures can be different – from affecting only the enamel to severe fractures reaching the nerve of the tooth, accompanied by severe pain, or even breakage of the whole crown.

In this case, it is important to contact a dental practitioner immediately to determine the causes (untreated caries, trauma), to check the patient’s symptoms and to undertake appropriate treatment. In order to restore one or several broken or missing teeth, the methods of prosthetic dental medicine are applied – dental implant placement, dental crowns and bridges, or dentures.


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