The treatment of periodontitis aims to stop the progression of the disease and in most cases, it is considered successful if the inflammation of the gums is under control and further bone loss is halted. There are modern methods as dental bone grafting and bone regeneration, which can be applied in the treatment of periodontitis, but a full recovery of the height of lost alveolar bone cannot be achieved. Treatment is individually selected for each patient and depends on the form and stage of the disease, patient’s age, general condition, and presence of concomitant diseases. Before starting treatment of periodontitis, it is important that the patient understands and is comfortable with the fact that the process of treatment is long and perfect oral hygiene is highly vital (read more…) as well as regular dental check-ups (read more…).

Treatment of periodontal disease is general and local.

The general treatment aims to boost the body’s defenses and consists of intake of vitamins (A, B complex, B1), minerals, general supportive medications, biogenic stimulators, healthy food and lifestyle.

Topical treatment is aimed at eliminating the causes of periodontitis and restoration of the damaged tissues. It is done in two stages.

In the first stage the tartar and the dental plaque are cleaned and faulty restorations and crowns are replaced.

In the second stage at the discretion of the dentist and depending on the severity and stage of disease, one of the following methods could be applied – curettage, bone grafting, splinting of teeth.

Cleaning of dental plaque, tartar and polishing
Dental plaque is a sticky bacterial biofilm that forms on … (read more…)

Periodontal curettage is a method that is applied at all stages … (read more…)

Periodontal bone augmentation
In more severe gingival recession, periodontitis and periodontal … (read more…)

Splinting of loose teeth
Splinting is a technique used to stabilize loose teeth to … (read more…)

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