Remineralization – used in the treatment of incipient caries in children and in strengthening of the exposed surfaces of the enamel at the early stages of tooth abrasion or small fractures of the enamel edges.

Remineralization is a method of treatment of surface caries with chalk-white colour without damage of the structure of the enamel. This type of decay is very rare in adults due to the fully mineralized surface layer of the enamel. In children, however, due to incompletely finished mineralization, these caries are common.

With arrows are shown white caries spots, they are аppropriate for remineralization

The chalk-white colouring is a very favorable point for treatment of initial caries. The procedure is non-invasive (does not cause any pain to the child), the anatomical and functional integrity of the tooth enamel are restored completely and do not require drilling of the tooth and a restoration. Remineralization is primarily carried out with varnish or gels, containing fluorine and mineral ingredients that are smeared or rubbed into the surface affected by caries, fracture or abrasion. They have a pleasant taste and smell. Some remineralizing agents are applied once in the dental practice and have durability for several months, after that they must be applied anew – such as the fluorine-containing varnishes.

Other remineralizing agents are in the form of a special paste (Tooth Mouse), which is rubbed in the teeth for a period of time. It contains Casein Phosphopeptide – Amorphous Calcium Phosphate which restores the mineral balance in the surface layer of the enamel.

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