Chemopolymer tooth fillings

These are fillings with the same colour as the tooth made of a material which is a lower class of the photopolymer tooth fillings. They aesthetic, but after time they change colour and become darker. They can also wear off faster than other fillings and therefore frequent replacement is needed especially with teeth involved in chewing. Chemopolymer filling hardening takes place within 2-3 minutes, which makes it impossible to achieve perfect modeling of the dental topography and in many cases, the final restoration has a flat surface which does not resemble the anatomical surface.

Not well made chemopolymer tooth filling

Another major drawback is insufficiently good polishing properties – due to the large particle size of the material, it is not possible to achieve natural glow of teeth with polishing. In polymerization of this type of material a certain amount of free non-polymerized monomers remains which can have an adverse effect on the nerves of the tooth. The main and only advantage of chemopolymer fillings is their lower price.

Well made chemopolymer tooth filling /Old and discolorated chemopolymer tooth filling

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