The placement of a post and core is used for teeth with severely damaged or missing tooth crowns and well-filled root canals. There should be no pathological changes (granuloma, cysts), pain or profound destruction below the gum. Before insertion of the post, an X-ray picture of the tooth is made, which is used to select the length and type of the post and the treatment method. The posts can be made from a metal alloy, gold or glass fiber, and the selection is made by the dentist in accordance with the wishes of the patient.

Metal post placement procedure is as follows: First a suitable bur with a certain thickness and length, which fits the type of post, is used to pierce a canal in the tooth root. Once pierced, it is checked if the post fits well in the canal. If everything is okay, the next step is cementing the post in the tooth. Once the cement has hardened, a tooth stump of a suitable material (photopolymer, amalgam) is placed. If the tooth has one or two walls, which are preserved, it can be restored with a photopolymer filling, but in order to restore the anatomical integrity and chewing function, it is desirable to place a crown.


In glass fiber posts, the procedure is similar. The canal for the post is drilled in the same manner, then the required length of the post is cut off, and it is put in the canal of the tooth. Then the post is glued using special high strength double polimerizing cements. Then, a tooth stump of photopolymer or glass ionomer cement is placed. This type of posts have greater rigidity, because they are as elastic as a natural tooth and the possibility to break or unstick is minimal.

Once the post is placed in the root canal, the next step is to construct a tooth stump.

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