Red aesthetics is a key step in achieving a beautiful smile. The term red aesthetics concerns the colour, shape and level of the gum around the neck of the teeth. Gum appearance is as important as the look of the teeth, as they are inextricably linked.

For example, if the gum withdraws upwards (gingival recession) , the shape and look of a tooth changes due to exposure of the tooth root. In this case, although the shape of the dental crown is perfect, the look of the smile and the aesthetics are violated because the exposed root surface is yellow and gives a visual perception that the tooth is bigger. In this situation in order to restore the red aesthetics, the best method is grafting mucosa with which to cover the exposed surface of the tooth root and to restore the contour of the gum.

In other cases, the teeth appear short and unaesthetic. In some cases this may be due to dental abrasion, where reduction of the height of the bite (occlusion) is characteristic. In this case the treatment is by making crowns in order to restore the normal size of the teeth and the height of the bite.

In other patients, the teeth are short genetically. In these patients, the height of the bite is normal and the look of the teeth cannot be corrected by making higher crowns, because it would raise the bite and this will lead to discomfort and changes in chewing. It is in these cases that the methods of the red aesthetics apply. The solution here is to make room for the crowns by pulling away the gum towards the tooth root partially. This can be done in two ways – through microsurgical operation or by laser. In both methods certain parts of the gum are cut, and the remaining ones are formed according to the look of the tooth necks. Thus, an extension of the teeth without change in the height of the bite is achieved. This ensures perfect red aesthetics and completely new look of the teeth.

Red aesthetics also includes the colour of the gums. In some cases of metal-ceramic crowns, there is gray colouration of the gum in the edge of the crown. This requires the placement of threshold ceramics or the replacement of the crown with an all-ceramic one, which will restore the normal pale pink colour of the healthy gums.

Achieving red and white aesthetics (the look of the teeth) is a condition for obtaining a beautiful smile that will surely make an impression to the others and will add unique charm to the smile.

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