The manufacture of soft plastic dentures is a new method that has become more popular in recent years. This is due to the fact that dentures of the standard pink plastic are hard, and in many cases inconvenient when eating. Dentures made of soft plastic are more comfortable for the patient and fit tightly to the topography of the oral mucosa. Another major advantage of this type of dentures is that they are hypoallergenic and can be used in patients allergic to the plastic used commonly in dentistry. The soft dentures (so-called silicone dentures) are highly aesthetic and their appearance resembles that of the standard plate dentures. Another feature is that the hooks of the soft plastic partial denture are not from metal, but are molded from the same material from which the denture is made, which enhances the aesthetics further.

Another advantage of the soft dentures is that they cannot break during normal eating or if dropped on the ground, due to their flexibility. The material (Thermosence), used for their manufacture, does not change colour and does not absorb odor unlike a material called Valplast, which has been used up until recently. Any denture corrections and addition of teeth or hooks are easy to carry out. The only disadvantage of these dentures is the higher price.

The manufacture of soft plastic dentures goes through the same stages as well as standard plate dentures.

Adaptation of the patient to the device is quick. It is vital to maintain strict hygiene and to wash regularly the denture in order to preserve it.

One of the best applications of soft plastic dentures is for relining dentures from standard pink plastic (applying soft plastic layer on the surfaces of the denture in contact with the oral mucosa). Only a portion of the denture can be relined in the event of changes in the prosthetic field as a result of surgery, thereby avoiding trauma during chewing in the operation zone. Thus the advantages of both methods are combined – the strength and sustainability of the standard plastic with the comfort of the soft plastic dentures.

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