The operation for extraction of an impacted wisdom tooth differs from standard tooth extraction. Most often the operative removal of the lower wisdom teeth is necessary, but the operation is required for all other impacted teeth. The presence and location of these teeth in the bone is determined by an X-ray picture. The position of the wisdom tooth is determined in order to establish a less traumatic way to reach it. The position of the nerve, innervating the lower jaw, is also determined. This is important, because an injury during the operation can lead to temporary or permanent numbness of a part of the jaw and tongue. Once the operation is planned, it can be carried out. Such operations must be carried out by a surgeon and an assisting dentist or a trained nurse.

First stage – Anesthesia is placed on a specific location and in sufficient amount in order to be effective until the end of the operation. A characteristic feature of the dental anesthesia is that they remove solely the feeling of pain. Sensitivity to touch, pressure, vibration, pulling, and stretching remain.

Second stage – includes incision of the gum over the impacted tooth in order to locate the bone (mucosal dissection flap).

Third stage – The bone above the tooth is grinding very carefully with special bone cutters until the tooth crown is located.

Fourth step – The tooth is loosened using a dental elevator, then removed. If the tooth cannot be extracted using only a dental elevator, the tooth is cut in pieces. The crown is separated from the roots and they are removed one by one.

Fifth stage – After tooth removal, the bone wound is cleaned, the edges are smoothened and the gum is sutured on top. A bone void filler can be put before suturing deep wounds and where large quantities of bone has been removed.

After surgery at the discretion of the dentist, antibiotics and painkillers are prescribed. It is recommended to make cold compresses to reduce swelling on the first day, and on the second day onwards – hot compresses. It is also recommended to avoid strenuous physical activity if possible in the first days. On day 7-10 a check-up is done and the stitches are removed if healing is going well.

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