Regular check-ups are a key for early detection and prevention of caries and their complications. Well-timed visits to the dentist show concern for own health and high health culture. According to statistics in recent years, 98% of the population in Bulgaria has at least one active untreated tooth decay. This is due to the ignorance of the importance of early detection and treatment of caries (what is a caries) in its early stages, in which there is no symptoms (pain), as the appearance of pain/symptoms is often an indicator that it is already too late and the nerve of the tooth should be removed. In addition to prevention of dental caries and its complications, regular check-ups provide prevention of the periodontal diseases gingivitis and periodontitis . During a check-up the presence of dental plaque and tartar can be detected, which are the main cause of these diseases. Regular cleaning of tartar and plaque is the key to healthy gums.
Prophylactic examinations are held annually for people who do not have tooth cavities, once every six months, in those who have cavities or gum inflammation ( gingivitis ). Check-ups for people with more than one untreated tooth decay or periodontitis should be carried out every four months or more frequently depending on their dental health. Medical check-ups are necessary for everyone, because they save pain and expensive treatment.

Example 1: Patient X goes to a check-up at the dentist and the presence of a small caries, which does not hurt, and a bit of tartar are detected. The treatment is carried out in two visits to the dental surgery – during the first the tartar is cleaned, and during the second a photopolymer filling is placed. So far the patient has paid between 120 and 150 bg lev and has been twice to the dentist.

Example 2: The same Patient X does not go to a prophylactic check-up and the small caries continues to evolve without causing pain. After several months of development, the caries reaches the nerve, resulting in development of pulpitis, which is characterized by strong constant pain. Treatment now requires removal of the tooth nerve and root canal filling which leads to the grinding of many teeth, which in turn requires the development and placement of the crown. In this case, the treatment is performed in six or seven visits to the dentist and the patient has paid between 280 and 380 bg lev.

The choice of whom of the two patients to be is entirely in your hands.

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