Prevention of dental diseases is part of general health prevention. The main purpose of oral prevention is to maintain the health of teeth and periodontium throughout the whole life. The health of teeth and gums is a prerequisite for the overall health of the person which includes the physical, mental and social well-being of an individual.

Dental prevention is aimed at:
– Prevention of caries
– Prevention of periodontal disease

The prevention of dental diseases is divided into primary, secondary and tertiary.

Prevention of dental diseases is divided into primary, secondary and tertiary.
Primary prevention aims to prevent dental diseases, secondary aims to prevent complications of the diseases and tertiary – recovery of the damage and treatment of the dental diseases.

Primary prevention starts from a very early age and continues throughout the whole life. It aims to inform and protect the patients from oral disease and its complications.

The main aspects of prevention of dental diseases are:

Prevention examinations

Regular check-ups are a key for early detection and prevention of
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Cleaning of tartar and dental plaque (Scaling)

Dental plaque is a sticky bacterial biofilm that forms on teeth.
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Tooth polishing

After cleaning the dental plaque and the tartar.
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Dental sealants

Sealing of teeth is an innovative method designed to protect.
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Nutritional prevention

The main function of the teeth is to.
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Fluoride prevention

Fluorine prevention is two main types – endogenous and exogenous.
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How to brush your teeth properly

Brushing is the main preventive measure against the development.
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